It is said that we can only care about others to the extinct we love ourselves. Many time broken people began to try to love people with the love they don’t have for themselves. This unhealthy form of love or neediness only leaves the person after the failed relationship more broken. This turns into a cycle of broken relationships to broken relationships.

People are born broken. Many times key relationships began to define how people see themselves. We’ve all heard the statics of broken families and its impact on society. I am sensitive the to the images in the media and how the influence our youths. I think about youths, who come from different environments, trying to make strides towards their goals with the tools they have in their toolkit. Some come from healthy homes and some come from broken homes. They all were designed to be healthy and to succeed.

“Just Call Me Wonderful, a defining your worth curriculum, is designed to educate students of the various factors that impact their self-worth. It also provides the tools to for them to define and improve the way they see themselves.”

As a consultant, I have presented this information and wrote it for other leaders to educating the students in aninnovative and explorative manner. I found that many of the students have the ideas in them.

There is an old proverb that iron sharpens iron. The curriculum was tested and used in an interactiveenvironment. I found that role-playing in class and allowing the students to share their ideas encourage them to contribute as future leaders.

Society and media has a profound impact on the way they see themselves; let’s give them the tools to overcome the images and become healthier members of society.