Neriah House Publishing Division Provides Regional Leadership Training Resources for Systemic Catalysts to Engage Marginalized Youths

Humble, TX –July 16, 2019 – Neriah House Publishing (NHP) announced the release of Tailor-made for Impact (TMFI) Regional Youth Consulting Packages created for municipal governments, community focused agencies, workforce development boards, and philanthropists to strategically support community partners, especially the organizations who work with disconnected youth.

According to, “disconnected youth are often defined as young people ages 14-24 who are homeless, in foster care, involved in the justice system, or are neither employed nor enrolled in an educational institution.  Across the U.S., there are approximately 6.7 million youth that exhibit one or more of the above risk factors and touch multiple systems.

“The economic burden of disconnected youth is significant, as these young people not only fail to meet their personal potential, but also cost the U.S. billions of dollars every year in lost earnings, incarceration costs, and expenditures on social services.”

Moreover, siloed administrative and reporting requirements can make it unintentionally difficult for providers to give youth the comprehensive, effective services they need.

According to the President of BattleGroup Communications and Neriah House Publishing, LeaVonda Robinson, the packages were designed to be a robust self-sustaining youth development ecosystem for leaders serving youths, especially the at-risk populations, to help them define their legacies by building their capacity and equity to serve our communities.

This system includes curricula “Just Call Me Wonderful,”a youth focused self-esteem system, and “Boss in Training,” an optimum workforce soft skills arsenal. The program provides human services and workforce development services for regional organizers to equip future leaders.  The program also has an early education component, called Neriah’s Friends, that addresses bullying, self-esteem, safety and innovation.

“We provide strategic resources and licenses for steering agencies and their partners,” shared Robinson. “TMFI collaborative partnerships ignite the process to reverse systemic poverty. Our mission is to strategically serve elected officials, school district superintendents, and other community leaders to address the issues in our communities.”

The parent company BattleGroup Communications, a systemic communications management consulting firm, has also helped prepare and educate youth for the workforce by working with:

  • Municipal Governments
  • Local Chambers of Commerce Business Education Partnerships
  • Community Organizations
  • Faith-based Organizations
  • Youth Living with Disabilities Programs
  • School Districts
  • Regional Workforce Boards
  • Foster Programs
  • Juvenile Justice Systems

“I’ve had the pleasure of creating regional plans, with training materials, for partners of regional workforce boards,” said Robinson, who is also a Navy Veteran. “I understand the community we serve. I am confident and passionate about our ability to collaborate as we create an evolving communication ecosystem. This will, in turn, allow our steering TMFIpartners to set a positive-targeted, youth agenda.

“It’s about the lives we will help and the positive impact they will have on our community,” the MBA graduate continued. “Our ultimate goal is to build a stronger, unified community of future leaders, who believe in themselves and their ability to help govern through personal accountability and effective leadership.

BGC and NHP plans to launch a year-round, online resource called, TMFI Regimus. TMFI Regimus, available all day, every day, will help prepare youth to serve with: scholarships, grants, contests, articles, videos and other resources. The resources offered will be available to agencies, schools, and the public worldwide.

Why Partners Use TMFI Consulting Packages

TMFI embodies a vetted community governance and communications management system that utilizes shared services to educate, empower, and deploy a wider range of leaders to become pillars in their community. NHP created the regional plan for funders to empower each level of their stakeholders to build cohesive communities and strengthen cities and nations.

TMFIis an internal and external communication resource that includes:

  • Governing and contribution rights for regional stakeholders only
  • Community building communications tips for staff and stakeholders
  • Our internal communication includes community building targeted free publications, flyers and resources for organizations, schools and leaders
  • Licensed toolkits for agencies, educators, community leaders and youths to develop and strengthen communities
  • One, three and five-year contracts are available for agencies upon request

TMFI Regional Plan is available now. This community investment provides licenses for the steering agency and its partners – perfect for workforce development boards, WIA Investment Act Programs, companies’ community outreach, mayors’ youth programs, and human services agencies. Investors also provide resources for partners, community leaders and the world-wide community.

For leaders, who purchase the TMFI Regional Plan they will get access to online seminars and other consulting services.  Our seminars and meetings will include trusted voices, who have already impacted this sphere of influence to share best practices. For more information, community leaders may email.

There are also smaller packages for agenciesfaith-based organizations, educatorsconsultants and youthsTMFI youth ambassadors serve their communities, network with other leaders, while building their community service leadership deliverables for college applications.

About Neriah House Publishing

Neriah House Publishing, scribing on hearts and minds, is the publishing division of BattleGroup Communications, a systemic catalyst communications management consulting firm that supports agencies, by designing and building self-sustaining community development ecosystems to change cities and nations. Their friends in the community include school district superintendents, elected officials, philanthropists, chamber presidents, industry leaders, university presidents, government agency leaders, nonprofit presidents, workforce board presidents, foster program directors and other socially minded community leaders, who are passionate about building stronger communities.