Beginning with the principle of being an effective employee is key to learning to be a great boss. Each position is a place of leadership.

Boss in Training is developed with that key principle in mind. We are all leaders. We need the keys to lead effectively.

“There are many unspoken roles in the workplace. We know how important it is to abide by certain workplace cultures in order to be effective members of that culture.Did you know that to some youths they are oblivious to the rules? Not because they aren’t intelligent, but because they haven’t been informed.”

In this curriculum, we cover everything from first impressions to career networking. Some of the other topics include: resumes, cover letters, the psychology of color, body language and more.

I’ve spent a decade teaching this information to young and older adults. It has always been a fun and rewarding connecting to my audience and hearing them share their experiences with the class.

There was this time I was working with a community agency. They faithfully called me in for years to teach classes to their adults in transition. Many of the class members were attending as part of the requirement for their program. Many parents, who were working and attending school, while providing for their families.

There I was in my suit. One of the first things I did to break the ice was tell them a little about the obstacles I personally faced. Then, I listened to them. After we connected, we spent the next hour growing in our knowledge of the workplace.

I’ve discovered although I presented the basic labor market information and workplaces skills. It has always been a rewarding humbling learning experience.

Never a moment wasted. This curriculum provides the basic tools to engage the class, to teach, to learn and to have fun!