Tailor-made for Impact purpose is to give people, who have experience various challenges the tools to go into the community to impart to other community members the basic skills needed to develop. Over vision is to place people, who have faced some of the same hardships and challenges back into the community as authentic, believable resources to impact and develop a future generation.

As a 16-year-old, who grew up in sometimes-tumultuous situations, I found it near impossible to identify with people who were sheltered. My pride in my ability to survive was also a protective mechanism.

As a consultant, I’ve been able to reach teens in the juvenile system, because I was able to identify with their anger and I respected them as people.

“Many times I’ve worked with people, who saw them as marginalized and presenting programs to them. I’ve watched people who made the interviewer comfortable, but didn’t understand the plight of the constituent.”

I discovered in the decade of serving the community as a trainer and consultant, I was able to break down barriers and effectively communicate when my audience could see that behind the business suit was a person, who truly cared and understood what they were going through.

For the friends, who will purchase the curricula, please keep in mind that behind every heart that seems to be hard there is a story. There is brokenness and there is also greatness. It is my goal to provide you the support through our Tailor-Made for Impact Solutions to reclaim our community and to let the world know that each person is Tailor-made for Impact. Starting with you.