Hidden Treasure has been a project in the making for several years. It originally was birthed, when I was sitting in the back of a church. Although I have segmented the project into several different mini projects, the ultimate goal was to get a group of members out of the church walls into the community.

While I was serving as a journalist/public affairs specialist in the Navy, I began as a new Christian to ask the Lord what was the perfect will for my life. I heard the word consultant. I thought that was odd. I had heard of the five-fold ministry gifts and served in several capacities in the church.

Funny thing, after I finished my enlistment. I went into the local WorkSoure to take a test for veterans and was told about a job on the spot that wasn’t advertised yet. The position was called a business consultant for youth services. I would spend the next six years providing services to local chambers, school districts, and juvenile justice system programs. Through serving in this capacity I began to develop and hone my skills to serve the community outside of the church walls.

Being exposed to this position, I began to see the kingdom in a different way. As I went into detention centers, local high schools and alternative youth programs for youth, I was able to teach various topics from workplace readiness skills to basic motivation.

Although as a workforce professional I wasn’t able to share my faith, I began to share lessons off topic that was tailored to the students.

“I noticed the kids would open up and share parts of their lives and allow me to encourage and correct them in their perceptions in a healthy environment.”

Not only did it encourage them, it allow me to see that many of the challenges I faced had a purpose. I was able to share the message of the kingdom and principles inside of me, learned through reading and studying various books, including the Bible.

Hidden Treasure was designed to be a give away to people, who decided to go into the community and reach people, who would not or could not reach out to places where they can get help.

It was created as a fundraiser, a tool for entrepreneurs or ministries looking to build their bookstores.

Although we have showcased the items on shirts, they can be used for cups, hats, bags, bumper stickers and more. Our hopes is that this product will be a blessing to you and that you are able to use the funds generated to make your community a better place and to use it to fund the goals that are in your heart.

As a special thank you for investing in yourself with the Hidden Treasure Kiosk: A Kingdom Resource for Entrepreneurs, we will sign you up for a year worth of support and updates, which includes new designs and classes.

We look forward to seeing what you can accomplish with this seed. And remember the true hidden treasure is always the people. They are the priceless treasure worth mining for and developing.