Neriah House Publishing is devoted to material that enhances lives and communities.

Neriah House Publishing publishes books, magazines, DVDs, and other materials that challenge, encourage, teach, and equip people to fulfill purpose and therefore live more fulfilledĀ lives.

Neriah House Publishing authors and illustrators share from the heart and use wisdom, excellence, and balance to help readers!
Each message improves communities and inspire lives through education, motivation, and development.

Neriah House Publishing is the publishing division of BattleGroup Communications. The passion of the leadership and its partners is to improve communities and inspire lives by touching one person at a time.

The mission of this division is to provide products and services to the entire world that enhances the people within its communities.
Although we can create customized material for your mission, our team of talented researchers, educators, writers, illustrators, translators, designers, and multi-media communications specialist have worked hard to prepare ready made products for your community.

We have developed strategic partnerships with retailers, entertainers, agencies, ministries, organizations, and world-wide programs to provide relevant, creative products to educate, inspire, encourage, or train their client base.

Our innovative creative team is always looking for dynamic ways to better communicate to the hearts and minds of people, thus impacting future generations.
For more information, email [email protected]